DEN Limousine Companies Canceled and Revoked on Airport Website

by transreviews on May 24, 2010

Transportation Reviews, the leading consumer advocate for the passenger ground transportation industry, recently completed a case study regarding Denver limousine companies that were displayed on the Denver International Airport (DEN) website.  The case study analyzed the permit status of 200 limousine companies that were communicated on the DEN Airport website as of 05/19/2010.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (Colorado PUC) regulates all limousine companies operating within the state of Colorado, including limousine companies that provide transportation service to and from the DEN Airport.  A limousine company with a permit status of “Canceled” or “Revoked” is not authorized to provide limousine service within the state of Colorado.  A permit status of “Show Cause” indicates that the Colorado limousine company’s insurance may be canceled in the near future or has already been canceled.

Case Study Results:

  • Total number of Colorado limousine companies reviewed was 200 as of 05/19/2010.
  • 11% of the limousine companies displayed a permit status by the Colorado PUC of one of the following: Cancelled, Revoked or Show Cause.
  • 15.5% of the limousine companies displayed on the DEN Airport website display a company name that is not registered with the Colorado PUC.
  • 9% of the limousine companies are misspelled according to the name that is filed with the Colorado PUC.
  • 14 Colorado limousine companies were omitted from the case study because we were unable to locate the specific company on the Colorado PUC website.

According to Todd Nemet, President of Transportation Reviews, “Many major commercial airports within the United States fail to communicate accurate and up-to-date information regarding limousine companies that are displayed on their websites.  This information may include company names which are not registered with the city/state regulatory agency or companies with an inactive permit not authorized to provide limousine services to and from the airport.

In some cases, the limousine company is operating legally but under a completely different license and company name but the airport’s website still displays the previous company name which is no longer permitted.  The bottom line is that this misinformation just confuses the public and makes it more difficult for the consumer to research the company before reserving limousine service.”

Refer to our Colorado state licensing page for additional information regarding state agencies that regulate Colorado ground transportation companies including limousine, shuttle, taxi and charter bus companies.

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