Advertising Transportation To LAX Airport

by transreviews on May 7, 2010

Transportation Reviews, the leading consumer advocate for the passenger ground transportation industry, promotes transparency and safe transportation within the transportation industry.

Transportation Reviews recently completed a case study regarding California ground transportation companies who advertise transportation services to and from the Los Angeles Airport.

Many California ground transportation companies including taxi, shuttle, limousine, and charter-bus companies who provide transportation to LAX airport, advertise their services online.  Many transportation companies use Google Adwords to advertise directly to travelers requiring transportation to LAX Airport.

The case study reviewed common phrases and terms used by travelers to search for transportation to and from LAX Airport.  Transportation Reviews analyzed 51 phrases which represented approximately 325,360 monthly global searches on

Transportation Reviews identified 35 California ground transportation companies who advertised using Google Adwords.   According to California state law, transportation companies are required to display their permit number in written advertisements including their company website (Assembly Bill 1310).

Case Study Results:

Only 36.4% displayed their permit information on their company website
10.0% displayed a CPUC Carrier Status of “Suspended” or “Expired”.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulates vehicle for hire companies including limousine, shuttle and charter-bus operators.

Many California ground transportation companies are operating without valid authority within the state of California. These operators may be operating unsafe vehicles which are not insured.  For additional information, refer to video “how to verify a companies carrier status“.

According to Assembly Bill 1310 (AB 1310), companies in violation may be fined up to $5,000 per violation. Total violations represented up to $95,000 in potential fines.   CPUC uses fines to offset their operating budgets.

Keyword Phrases | Total Monthly Global Searches
Airport Bus LAX 2,900
Airport Car Service LAX 590
Airport Limo LAX 720
Airport Shuttle to LAX 5,400
Airport Taxi LAX 1,300
Airport Transfer LAX 720
Airport Transportation LAX 4,400
Airport Transportation to LAX 1,000
Bus Los Angeles Airport 1,900
Bus to LAX 9,900
Car Service LAX 5,400
Car Service Los Angeles Airport 880
LAX Airport Ground Transportation 390
LAX Airport Public Transportation 110
LAX Airport Shuttle 18,100
LAX Airport Shuttle Bus 880
LAX Airport Shuttle Service 1,900
LAX Airport Shuttles 2,400
LAX Airport Transport 390
LAX Bus 22,200
LAX Bus Transportation 590
LAX Ground Transportation 2,900
LAX Limo 8,100
LAX Limo Service 2,400
LAX Limousine 6,600
LAX Limousine Service 2,400
LAX Shuttle 90,500
LAX Shuttle Bus 4,400
LAX Shuttle Service 8,100
LAX Shuttle Services 2,400
LAX Shuttles 6,600
LAX Transfer 2,400
LAX Transfers 2,400
LAX Transportation 22,200
Prime Shuttle LAX 1,000
Primetime Shuttle LAX 590
Public Transportation to LAX 720
Shuttle from LAX 12,100
Shuttle Service LAX Airport 1,900
Shuttle Service Los Angeles Airport 1,000
Shuttle Service to LAX 3,600
Shuttle to LAX 27,100
Shuttles to LAX 2,900
Super Shuttle LAX 6,600
Super Shuttle to LAX 1,000
Supershuttle LAX 1,300
Taxi Los Angeles Airport 1,900
Transportation From LAX 5,400
Transportation From LAX Airport 480
Transportation Los Angeles Airport 4,400
Transportation to LAX 9,900

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